Your profile

The profile page is perhaps the most important page in the Church Center App. Here, you can keep your personal information updated. You can also view and manage lots of other information including personal giving, online registrations, the church directory and more. To view your profile, just tap on "View Profile" under your name.

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  • Individual Profile

    From the Account page, you can tap on your name for your personal, individual contact information. Your current information is shown, and you can update your name, phone number, street address, email address(es) and other personal information. When finished, tap the "Update" button.

    You can also add a profile photo. Simply tap or click on the "Update Photo" button to add a personal photo. We recommend adding a photo for use in the church directory. 

  • My Stuff

    This section of the profile includes your personal giving settings and information, your online registrations, church directory settings and information and your groups. For more details on the items in this section, tap or click here.

  • My Household

    In this section, you can update information for other members in your household.To access your household, simply tap on one of the placeholders in the household section. On the next page, tap on the household member you would like to update. When you are finished making changes, tap 'Update" to save changes.

  • Notifications

    Notifications are an important part of the Church Center App as they keep you instantly updated when important information is sent out via the app. For more information on how to set up and manage notifications in Church Center, tap or click here.