What To Expect

When you visit Five Rivers Church, you will find a very welcoming environment and a group of people who want you know that you are loved: by us and by God. In addition, here are a few other things we think you might want to know ...

This is a pretty casual place, so please come dressed however you are comfortable. Our pastors often wear jeans and a button-up or sweater, and most people are dressed this same way. But, if a suit and tie are more your speed, by all means, wear a suit and tie! We want people to be who they are and not dress up to be someone who they think other people want them to be.

We love Kids! We know your kids are important to you, and kids are super important to Jesus and us too! So, we have a special environments just for kids (birth through fifth grade). In the interest of safety, all kids participating in our environments must be checked in by a responsible adult. 

We sing together, and our music is pretty modern. We sometimes throw back to the hymns of our past, but for the most part, we sing more modern songs. We have a band with drums, keyboards and guitars, and we love to praise God and worship him through music. 

Our gatherings usually last an hour and 15 minutes. We know that most people like to plan out Sunday afternoons, so hopefully, this information will help you do just that.

We don’t take an offering. We believe that people should give their offerings and not be compelled to do it in the middle of a gathering. We don’t want people looking at what others are doing, so we take this whole experience out of the equation. We have boxes in our auditorium, and we encourage people to give their offerings this way. We also provide online giving through our app and website, and we offer text-to-give as well. 

No Pressure. Obviously, there are things we believe about God and Jesus, and we want other people to come to believe in these things too. But, we know that not everyone buys into our thinking, and we want you to know you are welcome here even if you don’t believe everything we do. 

We are here to serve you. If you need anything, a member of our guest services team is here to help. They will meet you in the lobby, and they will do their best to answer any questions you may have during your visit.