My Stuff

My Stuff is an important part of your profile. From here, you can access giving settings and records, and you can manage how your household and individual information is made available in the church directory. You can also manage registrations that you set up in church center and see the groups that are a part of at Five Rivers Church.

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  • My giving

    This is the place to find all of your giving information with Five Rivers Church. This information is protected and attached to your personal login, so only you have access to this information. 

    • Donation History lists all of the donations you have made to Five Rivers Church. Tap or click on a donation to see details.
    • Recurring Donations lists all recurring donations you have set-up with Five Rivers Church. To edit a recurring donation, tap or click the recurring donation you wish to change. New recurring donations must be set up through the "Giving" portal. 
    • Payment Methods lists all of the payment methods you have set-up for digital giving. You can remove existing methods and add new methods. To add a new payment method, tap on one of the "add" options on this page. To remove a method, tap on the method you wish to delete and delete it from the next page. 
    • Notification Preferences allows you manage notifications when you give to Five Rivers Church. From here, you can specify which email addresses will receive notifications when you give. You can also turn off giving notifications by selecting "Never email me donation receipts". You will still be able to view your list of donations in the donation history tab, but you will not receive emails for every donation you make to the church. 
    • Statements is where your year-end-giving statements are housed in Church Center. Simply tap on the statement you wish to access to view, share or print it. Sharing and printing settings will vary based on your phone settings and network settings.

  • My Directory Settings

    This section of the app allows you to manage the information shown in our church directory. Items with the green circle and check mark will be visible in the directory, and those without the check mark will not be visible. Tap on an item to change its status. 

    You can also manage your household information. To manage the information visible for each member of your household, follow the steps above for each member listed. If you deselect the "Name" for any of the profiles in your household, that profile will not be listed in the church directory.  

    Tap "Update" to save changes to your directory settings.