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Group Life

It's all about relationships

We believe that life-changing discipleship happens best in relationships, so we have chosen a relationship-based model of ministry for our local church. This simply means that our "ministries" or "programs" are designed to provide environments in which relationships can develop and flourish, and we hope these relationships will provide opportunities for life-changing discipleship. 

GroupLife is perhaps the most important element of our relationship-based ministry model, and it encompasses relational ministry here at Five Rivers Church. Within it, live three critical ministry spaces: social space, personal space, private space.

How We use the spaces

Each element of GroupLife rests in one of the spaces listed above. Click the "+" for an element of GroupLife below to read more about it and see how it fits within the relational spaces. 

  • While small groups are a very important part of our discipleship strategy at Five Rivers Church, we place tremendous value in getting people together in larger groups for the purpose of engaging our community with the message and love of Jesus. In the same way Jesus engaged people in a variety of settings, we want to do the same. 

    Engage is an opportunity to come together once a month for the primary purpose of engaging our community, especially the least and the lost. We do this in a variety of ways including: 

    We celebrate what God is doing in our church family and community

    We pray for God's kingdom to come to our neighborhoods and city

    We go out and engage our community with the Love of Jesus

    Engage is open to anyone who would like to join us in our effort to be Jesus in the Kettering area and surrounding communities. 

    Want more information about Engage? Click the button below! 

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  • Small groups are an important part of our discipleship strategy here at Five Rivers Church. In this environment, groups of eight to fifteen people learn what it means to live, love and lead like Jesus as they do life together. Typically meeting twice a month, small groups come together to eat, pray, study the Bible and have fun while strengthening their relationships with each other and with God. 

    If you are anything like us, you are an imperfect person struggling to understand what it really means to follow Jesus and live, love and lead like he did. So, we invite you to join us in the journey. 

    If you are interested in learning more about small groups or possibly joining a small group, click the button below to see a list of our active groups.

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  • Chat groups are the smallest, most intimate groups at Five Rivers Group. In a chat group, 3-4 men or women meet consistently for a determined period of time for the purpose of builder deeper, more intimate relationships in which personal discipleship and life-change can thrive. We suggest these groups meet weekly for 6-9 months as they learn more about themselves, each other and what it means to truly follow and be a disciple of Jesus. 

    At the moment, chat groups are full, but we plan to launch another round of groups next year. To join the waiting list for next year's groups, click the "Add Me To The List" button below.