Helping Hand

God called his Church and his people to care for others in their time of need. This is what Helping Hand is all about. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus and help as we can when we encounter individuals and families in times of financial need. 

If you find yourself in a difficult set of circumstances, and you are in need of temporary financial assistance, we may be able to help. Please note: due to limited resources, financial assistance is only available to residents of the city of Kettering. 

Please check out the following list of commonly asked questions before submitting an application for assistance. If, after reading through the questions and answers, you feel we can provide assistance in your situation, please complete the application linked at the bottom of this page. We will review the application and contact you. 

What types of needs can Helping Hand assist with?

Rent/Mortgage Assistance

In most cases, an eviction warning is required. If the need is approved, funds will be disbursed directly to the landlord or mortgage company.  Assistance is limited to $500.

Utility Assistance

In most cases, a shutoff notice is required. If the need is approved, funds will be disbursed directly to the utility company. Assistance is limited to $500.

Grocery/Personal Items Assistance

Assistance with groceries and personal items is given through gift cards to Kroger. These cards cannot be used to buy alcohol, tobacco products or lottery tickets. 

Who is eligible to receive assistance? 

HelpingHand is available to individuals/families who live within the city limits of Kettering, OH. Attendance at Five Rivers Church is not required for eligibility for assistance. 

Is there a limit to how many times a family can receive assistance?

Because of limited funds, our policy limits an individual/family to one assistance event

Before submitting the application, please read the following statement regarding Helping Hand assistance ... 

Helping Hand is designed to be a temporary assistance measure. Financial assistance will not be granted if the financial need is ongoing or chronic in nature. In an effort help in a holistic way, assistance requests may require a commitment to financial coaching through Five Rivers Church. 

Helping Hand Application