Financial Report

In the interest of financial transparency, we provide our church family with current financial information. Our income vs. expenses numbers are below: 

February Income:               $  19,995.73
Special Offering:                 $  
February Expenses:           $   25,261.62
Difference:                           $     5,265.89

YTD Income:                      $    44,345.91
YTD Special Offering       $     
YTD Expenses:                  $     48,113.04
Difference:                         $        3,767.13

For a slightly more detailed report, please tap or click the link below to download the report.

February 2024 Financial Report

If you would like more detail than what is provided in the attached report, or if you have other questions related to the financial report, please reach out to our financial director, Jack Girardot. He can be reached at: