Current Teaching Series

setting the stage

The stage matters in good story-telling, and the Jesus story is no exception. To better appreciate the true magnitude of Jesus’ impact on the world in which he lived, this series will “set the stage” for Matthew’s telling of the Jesus story and the “good news” that he brought to the world.

  • The Message

    Sunday, March 19

    What is the gospel of Jesus? Exactly what is this "good news" that Jesus brings? Today we will explore the message of Jesus as we investigate and explore the "euangelion" or "good news" of Jesus ...

  • On Location

    Sunday, February 12

    Location matters ... and not just in real estate. Today, we will engage in a brief, high-level look at the geography of the region of the Galilee, the place where Jesus did most of his ministry. Understanding the geography of the region will help us make more sense of Jesus’ actions and interactions by placing them in proper geographical context.

  • Podiums and politics

    Sunday, February 19

    Today, we close out this series with a look at religion and politics in the world of Jesus. We will explore the concepts of synagogue and Sanhedrin as we work to understand how religion and politics often walked hand-in-hand in Jesus' time - sometimes with devastating consequences.