Christmas at Five Rivers

Celebrate with us!

Check out the special events happening this Christmas Season at Five Rivers. We would love to have you join us in our month-long celebration of the birth of Jesus!

  • Device Settings

    In order for Church Center to send you notifications, your device must give permission to Church Center to notify you. Most devices allow this by default, but to make sure notifications are enabled for your device and Church Center specifically, follow the links below for instructions for your device ... 

    See the section on this page titled "Choose How You're Notified". For general notification instructions, see the section "Change Notifications For Your Phone". For notifications specific to Church Center, see the section "Turn Notifications On or Off For Certain Apps".
    See the section on this page titled "Change Notification Settings". 

  • Notification Preferences In Church Center

    To manage which notifications you receive from Church Center, tap "Notifications" in the Preferences section. 

  • Group Notifications

    To manage the notifications you receive from groups you part of at Five Rivers Church, tap the group name that you wish to manage under the "Groups" section of this page. 

  • Message Notifications

    The Messages tab will allow you to manage message notifications from this group. 

  • Manage Message Notifications

    You can turn off all messages by switching the "Messages" toggle to Off (grey) or On (green). You can also toggle notifications for replies, reactions and messages from members by changing toggle for each notification type. Toggling to green will turn notifications on, and toggling to grey will turn notifications off.

    New Resources allows you toggle notifications for New Resources 

    being added to your group. If this is toggled on, you will receive a notification whenever a group leader adds a resource to your group. 

    Event Reminders allows you toggle notifications for reminders for events scheduled for this group. If this is toggled on, you will receive a notification when event reminders are sent out to this group.

    Attendance Reminder allows you toggle notifications for taking attendance in group meetings. This is only available to group leaders.

  • Team Schedule Notifications

    If you serve on a ministry team at Five Rivers Church, we strongly suggest that you allow your Scheduling Notifications and Reminders to be delivered through Church Center. Follow the steps below to allow this: 

    Tap "Team and Schedule" in the Notification Preferences tab. 

  • Tap "Church Center" in the Preferred App section

    Toggle On (green) all notification types: General Messages, Schedule Messages, Reminders