Five Rivers is a family of families. It's a place where we come together to share our faith, build lasting relationships, and live out Kingdom as we love God and share His love with others. Part of our Family Day gathering will involve celebration go that God is doing at Five Rivers, and we have a lot to celebrate as we reflect on stories of what God has done this year

We want to invite you to celebrate with us by sharing your stories. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of Five Rivers Church is the sense of belonging and the impact it has on our families. If Five Rivers has had an impact on your family… your faith… your life… we encourage you to share your story. We want others in our church family be able hear it and be encouraged by how God is working in our church. 

If you have a story about how Five Rivers Church as impacted you, your family or your life, and you are willing to share it, please follow this link and share it with us. We can share it for you during our gathering, or you can share it yourself. 


Share My Story